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Calyp for a Cause

Calyp® For A Cause is social good at its best! Endorse, Share and Earn for your charity of choice! Select an available charity from our list. Once your charity is selected and the feature is turned on, all Calyp earnings that have not yet been loaded onto your Calyp card as well as future earnings will be donated to your selected charity. As you Endorse, Share and Earn, all of your shared endorsements will also promote your social good donation along with the charity you have selected!
You may turn this feature off at any time or select another charity from the list.
Calyp® For A Cause!

CHARITABLE DONATIONS. Blue Calypso, Inc. may from time to time and in its sole discretion permit You to elect to donate only Debit Rewards (specifically excluding Rewards) earned under a Rewards Program. To be eligible for participation in charitable donations, You must select the appropriate option under Your Account prior to the Debit Rewards being loaded on Your Debit Rewards Card. Once You have elected to participate in charitable donations, the election will remain effective until you change or remove that option. You may only elect to donate 100% of your Debit Rewards and no portion less than 100%. Charitable Donations may be subject to processing and administrative fees by Company and in the Company's sole discretion. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT THE FREQUENCY OF LOADS ONTO YOUR DEBIT REWARDS CARD IS IN COMPANY’S SOLE DISCRETION AND THAT COMPANY DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT LOADS WILL BE CONDUCTED ON ANY REGULAR PERIODIC BASIS, SUCH AS A WEEKLY BASIS OR A MONTHLY BASIS. THEREFORE, THE ABILITY FOR YOU TO MAKE CHARITABLE DONATIONS AND THE FREQUENCY OF CHARITABLE DONATIONS MAY BE AFFECTED BY THE TIMING OF LOADS ONTO YOUR DEBIT REWARDS CARD. The election to participate in charitable donations does not relieve you of applicable income tax related obligations imposed under federal, state and/or local laws. Certain tax and charitable donation laws require Company to collect information regarding You (including tax-related information) and/or to provide You with certain documentation (including tax-related documentation) in the event the aggregate Debit Rewards awarded (or to be awarded) exceed a certain, defined threshold (currently $600 as set by applicable law) regardless of your participation in charitable donations; as such, You acknowledge, understand, accept and agree that You will comply with all applicable requirements imposed by such laws.